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You’ve grown them to fly. Now what? How do you find your new normal?

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The short read

It hit home each time I saw the empty chairs, the spaces at what were once busy tables. And the fact it was taking us a week to get through the milk in the fridge.

Things had changed. Not just for our teens, but for us too.
And we all had to find a way to get to our new normal.

Take a moment to acknowledge the old and anticipate the new. 
And notice: What was your "in between"?
Then find your new normal.

The longer read

For me…

If this is the first week of school and you’ve just dropped your kid off at university

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“You mean it doesn’t get any easier?” I was loading my luggage into the car for the long drive back to Toronto from Boston. She was loading storage units, clothes, musical instruments to drop her daughter off as a freshman at college. I knew it was going to be tough and gifted her one of my books. “A hug for your heart,” I said.

If you are dropping your child off at university, you'll know that it is never easy. …

The Space to Dream. The Space to Imagine. The Space to Believe.

(Courtesy Virgin Galactic) VP of Government Affairs and Research Operations, Sirisha Bandla, in space

Space — tracking the firsts

1. First steps on the Moon

I was a little girl the first time I got fascinated with space.

I remember it clearly. My father interrupted us in the middle of our game. “You’ve GOT to see this,” he said. “It is a historic moment.” Adults and kids were all gathered around our one little TV set. I recall sitting cross-legged on the grey carpet in the room with the avocado green upholstery.

He turned the knob.

And there — in the middle of Africa — a black and white signal sputtered. And I…

How Two Olympic High Jumpers Played the Long Game

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To make a long story short:

“Can we have two golds?”

With that simple question, Mutaz Essa Barshim suddenly made the Impossible possible.

It is one of the best moments to come out of the Tokyo Olympics. A moment when two good friends and competitors in the high jump chose to share the gold medal as a testament to their tumultuous journey overcoming career-threatening injuries to return to the top of their sport in the Olympic arena.

Through their competitiveness, collaboration and selflessness, Barshim and Tamberi offer us a possible roadmap for the many great challenges we…

“Trying to get as much July into my lungs” is a phrase that brought me to the work of spoken poet Rudy Francisco.

The Short Read:

“In one of my earliest memories, I am eight years old.
I have a fistful of afternoon
And I am asking the summer if it will always be this glorious?!
I remember taking a deep breath, trying to take as much July into my lungs as humanly possible
Thinking maybe I’d be able to convince it that 31 days just isn’t enough.”

Seth Godin says that the climate crisis is — in part — a marketing problem. In my effort to find better messaging, I happened on this opening stanza of spoken poetry by . …

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The Short Read:

Feeling grateful and blessed! I have a 365-day writing streak.

As I look back, these are 5 blessings that made a difference:

  1. Daily writing and accountability companions who make me feel seen and who inspire me to carry on.
  2. Readers who purchased a copy of my book and send photos of the book in its new home, whether in physical or kindle form.
  3. Inspiration — and the generosity of others who share what makes writing easier for them.
  4. I am surrounded by people who want to #alwaysbelearning. They read my daily work or study alongside me.
  5. I have good material…

The Short read:

I am celebrating this year of writing by sharing six different and wonderful reviews of the book that came together once I got into a habit of daily writing.

“Emotions create habits”

- BJ Fogg Tiny Habits

This post is part of a series listing 3 lessons learned, 6 reviews and 5 gratitudes.

The Longer Read:

Everyone has been immensely gracious. I am honoured to share six of so many wonderful reviews and messages of encouragement that I received…

The Short read:

I have been writing for 365 consecutive days. Yay!

Celebrations are in order as a way of marking and motivating habit-formation. I decided to list:

3 — lessons that I had learned
6 — reviews of my book (Contours of Courageous Parenting — Tilting Towards Better Decisions)
5 — reasons to be grateful

Let’s start with the three main lessons I have learned from this experience:

  1. Watch for the unexpected: I had not been planning to write a book. But when I was invited to join a group to ” I said “Yes”.
  2. Embrace Uncertainty and WhatIf: Interesting…

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The Short Read

Moving a writing streak into a steady habit takes time and commitment. And it requires a lot of stars to align.

I have now been writing for over 365 consecutive days. That feat deserves a celebration because along the way I became a published author! This is what I learned:

  • 3 lessons I learned along the way
  • 6 of the many reviews I have received for my book as part of my #gratitudeFriday thank you series on LinkedIn
  • 5 reasons it may have worked — and my gratitude for my stars to have aligned in this way

The Longer Read

Today marks 365…

Thanks for an encouraging read Jen Gippel PhD! As a mathematician, I love the equation.

I agree with a number of the comments - the new 50 is vibrant and thanks to good nutrition and modern medicine has as many years to offer society after 50 in their 3rd age and they did working in the economy. It is a waste to ignore that pool of knowledge and experience.

I surprised myself by writing and publishing a book that was not even a dream this day a year ago!!!

Karena de Souza

Global citizen|GenZ Parent|Future of Work|RTW Traveler

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